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Live surveys – Council Tax Precept Consultation

It’s time to have your say on how much you pay towards policing through your council tax. The Government has once again reduced the amount of grant it is giving to Lancashire for policing. They have said they expect Police and Crime Commissioners to increase council tax to make up the shortfall.

Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, has launched a survey asking the public if they want to freeze or increase the amount they pay towards policing in the county.

The Commissioner is responsible for setting the budget for the police and for deciding the amount of council tax (known as the precept) the public in Lancashire pay towards it. As a police force Lancashire receives over 70% of its funding through central government and 26% via the council tax precept.

Residents are being asked if they want to:

freeze the payment at the current levels
increase it by 2% – an average of 6p per week
or increase it by 5% – an average of 16p per week

Any increase would help safeguard police jobs.

Make sure you have your say by answering this survey –