Clive Grunshaw
Police and Crime Commissioner

Role: As your Police and Crime Commissioner it is my job is to ensure that the policing needs of Lancashire communities are met as effectively as possible. I aim to bring communities closer to the police, build confidence in the system and restore trust. I want to use my role to give the public a voice at the highest level, and give you, the people of Lancashire, the ability to ensure that the police are accountable.
Salary : £85,000 (Set by the Home Secretary)
Elected date : 5 May 2016

Declaration of Interest
Code of Conduct
Gifts and Hospitality Register

Staff of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) for Lancashire

Figures as of 17.02.2016.

There are currently 19 members of staff in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire (this figure excludes the PCC)

The gender breakdown of the OPCC is 12 females and 7 males

To the knowledge of the OPCC no staff member is of an ethnic minority

To the knowledge of the OPCC no staff members have declared that they consider themselves to have a disability.

The pay multiple

The ‘pay multiple’ is the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole of the workforce.
The calculation is based on all the PCC’s employees (Office of the PCC and Constabulary), giving a ratio of 4.7:1

Senior Employee Information

Information on senior employees, whose salary is in excess of £58, 200 per annum can be found on our Senior Employee Information (pdf) and in our Senior Officers Salaries table (pdf).

Staff Organisation Chart

To find out how staff in the PCC office are organised, please take a look at our Staff Organisation Chart (pdf).

Gifts and Hospitality

A register of each offer or a gift or hospitality made to the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, or to any member of staff in the Commissioners Office is retained, which indicates whether the offer was accepted or refused. Take a look at our Gifts and Hospitality Register.