Developing safe and confident communities

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Developing safe and confident communities

  • Ensuring the Chief Constable and his policing team deliver the highest professional and ethical standards in their service to the public
  • Ensuring that the public have an accessible, open and transparent policing service
  • Ensure the public has confidence in their police service
  • Support Community Safety Partnerships to focus on creating resilient and safer communities
  • Encouraging volunteering in local areas
  • Engaging with local communities on issues thatmatter to them

It’s time to have your say on how much you pay towards policing through your council tax.

The Government has once again reduced the amount of grant it is giving to Lancashire for policing. They have said they expect Police and Crime Commissioners to increase council tax to make up the shortfall.

In Lancashire if we increase the contribution you pay to policing by 6p per week this would raise £1.4m across Lancashire.
This would go some way towards making up the shortfall and safeguarding jobs

But I will only choose to make the increase if residents of Lancashire support this rise.
Make sure you have your say by answering the very short survey.